All that is Solid

How the Great Housing Disaster Defines Our Times,
and What We Can Do About It


Housing was at the heart of the financial collapse, and our economy is now precariously reliant on the housing market. In this groundbreaking new book, Danny Dorling argues that housing is the defining issue of our times. Tracing how we got to our current crisis and how housing has come to reflect class and wealth in Britain, All That Is Solid radically shows that the solution to our problems - rising homelessness, a generation priced out of home ownership - is not, as is widely assumed, building more homes. Inequality, he argues, is what we really need to overcome.

On this book companion website you find further material including a reading samples and all figures from the book. Please go to the Material section to get an overview of what is available online, or view the Figures section with an online image gallery of the graphics and diagrams from the book.

Segen talks about being on the receiving end of gentrification in Brixton


Paperback published February 2015

by Penguin

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As Danny Dorling’s powerfully argued new book makes clear . . . the need for serious action has never been greater
Ed Cumming, Daily Telegraph

Dorling has bravely gone to the root of the issue
Owen Hatherley, Guardian

All that is Solid is a powerful, important book for these times ... It has an angry urgency ... the stock answer is that we should simply build more, but this is one of the many myths Dorling demolishes
Tim Hall, The Times Higher Education

Dorling grasps the importance of the issue. His urgency is warranted
John McDermott, Financial Times

A carefully researched, well argued and generally convincing analysis
Douglas Osler, Scotsman

Clearly argued and comes with a wash of facts
Douglas Murphy, Icon Magazine

Offers a radical solution to the housing crisis in Britain ... He cuts to the heart of things
Anthony Cummins, Metro