So you think you know about Britain?

by Danny Dorling


So you think you know about Britain? 
We don't live in the country we thought we lived in anymore; it has changed because we have changed. When it comes to immigration, the population explosion, the collapse of the family, the north-south divide, or the death of the countryside, common wisdom tells us that we are in trouble; however, this is far from the truth. In this anatomy of contemporary Britain, Danny Dorling dissects the nation and reveals unexpected truths about the way we live today, contrary to what you might read in the news. Exploring the key issues that make the headlines, this book will change the way you think about the country and explain just why you should feel positive about the future.

• Why there are more young women in London than men
• Why the North/South Divide is moving southwards
• Why we need more immigrants rather than less
• Why the population time bomb is a myth
• Why there are more divorced people in Blackpool than anywhere else
• Why young black people don't vote

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Additional material

More material can be found at Danny's website.
All audio material is also featured in the Sasi Podcast.

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          Danny on BBC3 Night Waves, March 24th 2011.
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          Danny at the Aye Write Book Festival, Glasgow, March 11th 2011.
    Geographies of Social Class in 21st Century Britain (mp3)
          Danny at the Conference to launch the University of Strathclyde's
          Centre for the Study of Working Class Lives, Glasgow, March 11th 2011.
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          Danny at the Sheffield University Retired Staff Association, Sheffield, January 12th 2011.
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          Danny giving a talk at the Ecobuild convention, London, 2nd March 2011
    How place makes race (mp3)
          Danny giving the Lord Pitt memorial lecture in London on March 2nd 2011.
    An introduction to: So You Think You Know About Britain (mp3)
          Danny speaking at the Department of Geography, Queen Mary University, London, 17th March 2011.
    Figures (tif / zip archive) A selection of the illustrations used in the book available for educational use
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