Bullingdon pigs

all you need to know
guide to inequality
in the UK today.

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The cover photograph of this book and the images on this website were taken by Kristian Buss on 14th November 2011 in London. It shows party goers from the fictional Swillindon club, who tried and failed to gain entry to the Lord Mayor’s Banquet that evening. On being ejected by the police they joined the Occupy LSX protest at St Paul’s Cathedral. During his speech at that Lord Major Banquet, David Cameron, the then Prime Minister, boasted that he now had 'An opportunity to begin to refashion the EU so it better serves this nation’s interests…’. David didn’t understand that his rich friends and his interests were not the national interest, nor did he understand that the EU was much bigger than him, or that every country within it was by then more economically equitable and better run by better politicians than those of the UK.

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