Letter sent to the Financial Times Newspaper (London), Thursday May 30th 2019


Letter sent to the Financial Times Newspaper (London), Thursday May 30th 2019

We believe there are issues of concern over the governance of the UK’s largest private pension, the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS).

The Trustees have a fiduciary duty to act in the interests of scheme members. A board member, with expertise in statistics, raised serious concerns about the quality of the evidence and analysis being presented to the board. How were these concerns addressed and investigated by the board of Trustees? Did the rest of the Trustees investigate these claims adequately and act in the interests of scheme members?

If the Trustees or the USS executive are unable to act in the interests of scheme members, then they should resign. If the employer and union appointed Trustees are failing to act in the interests of scheme members, then it is the responsibility of UUK (via the Employers Pensions Forum) and of the UCU to replace the Trustees.

We believe the conduct of USS valuation over the last two years has brought the scheme into disrepute. An enquiry is urgently needed to obtain the necessary information to assess the USS’s claims, review the conduct of the USS executive, Trustees and the Pensions Regulator, and ultimately to rebuild members’ and employers’ trust and confidence in the scheme. It would be appropriate for a select committee of parliament to investigate.

Finally, we would like to thank Prof Hutton for her exceptional work as Trustee.



Dr Alison Cameron (Bangor University), Dr Neil Davies (University of Bristol),  Professor Danny Dorling  (University of Oxford), Professor Bianca de Stavola (University College London), Dr Natasha Howard (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine), Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter (Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication, University of Cambridge) and 1,012 others:



Aberystwyth University

Dr Christopher Phillips


Aston University

Dr Gary Fooks


Bangor University

Prof Vian Bakir

Dr Annika Beelitz

Dr Patricia Bestelmeyer

Dr Charles Bishop

Mr Julian Brasington

Dr Alison Cameron

Dr David Carey

Prof Shanti Chakravarty

Dr Gwynfor Davies

Dr Mihela Erjavec

Dr Jonathan Ervine

Dr Richard Holland

Mr Kevin Hughes

Prof Stuart Jenkins

Dr Dyfrig Jones

Dr Karin Koehler

Dr Gavin Lawrence

Prof James McDonald

Prof Andrew McStay

Prof Doris Merkl-Davies

Dr Helena Miguelez-Carballeira

Dr Paul Mullins

Dr Marco Pelliccia

Dr Sarah Pogoda

Mr Huw Powell

Ms Katie Roberts

Dr Gwyndaf Roberts

Dr Anne-Marie Smith

Dr Emily Tyler

Mr Richard Wigzell

Mr Gwion Williams

Ms Joanna Wright

Dr Wolfgang Wüster

Dr Fiona Zinovieff

Ms Wanda Zyborska


Birkbeck, University of London

Prof Felicity Callard

Mr Paul Rigg


Bournemouth University

Ms Marian Mayer


Bournville College

Mrs Nita Sanghera


Brunel University London

Dr Josh Bowsher

Dr Javier Coto

Dr Gareth Dale

Dr Fotios Drenos

Dr Stanley Gaines

Dr Nick Hubble

Dr Paul Kyberd

Dr Andrew Parton

Dr Daniel Roberts

Dr Bianca de Haan

Dr Stanislao Lauria


Cardiff University

Dr Tilmann Altenberg

Dr Michael Arribas-Ayllon

Dr Christopher Bear

Dr Leandro Beltrachini

Dr Roser Beneito-Montagut

Prof Jacky Boivin

Dr Lloyd Bowen

Dr Finn Bowring

Prof Marc Buehner

Dr Andreas Buerki

Prof Chris Bundy

Prof Sin Yi Cheung

Prof Harry Collins

Dr Emily Cox

Prof John Culling

Dr Chris Dillingham

Prof Pete Dorey

Prof Dominic Dwyer

Prof Matthias Eberl

Dr Adam Edwards

Dr Fergal Ennis

Prof Jonathan Erichsen

Dr Adam Errington

Dr Lisa Evans

Prof Deborah Fodter

Dr William Ford

Prof Tom Freeman

Dr Chiara Gambi

Dr Sofia Gameiro

Dr Jonathan Gillard

Dr Marcus Gomes

Dr Jacques Grange

Prof Anna Grear

Dr Katy Greenland

Dr Matthias Gruber

Dr Craig Gurney

Dr Rachel Hurdley

Dr Yi-Jhong Han

Prof Michael Handford

Ms Kirsty Harding

Prof Marco Hauptmeier

Dr Lydia Hayes

Dr Rachel Herrmann

Mrs Andrea Higgins

Dr Alexandra Hillman

Dr Daniel Hobley

Dr Nick Hodgin

Dr Jenny Hoolachan

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Dr Iain Hutcheson

Dr Anthony Ince

Dr Katy Jones

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Dr Samantha Jones

Dr Andrew Kerr

Prof Paul Kinnersley

Dr Branko Latinkic

Dr Samuli Leppälä

Prof Penny Lewis

Dr Qinyun Li

Prof Caroline Lloyd

Dr Sonia Lopez de Quinto

Prof Bill Macken

Dr Richard Madgwick

Dr Leah Maizey

Dr Guy Major

Dr Bharat Malkani

Prof Antony Manstead

Mr Jonathan Marsh

Dr Alex McAuley

Dr David Mcgonigle

Dr Renata Medeiros

Prof Mara Miele

Dr Candice Morey

Prof Joseph O’Mahoney

Prof Ken Peattie

Mr Neil Penry

Dr Ludivine Petetin

Prof Nicola Phillips

Prof Wouter Poortinga

Dr Sergey Popov

Prof Nicky Priaulx

Prof Julie Price

Dr Travis Proulx

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Prof Michael Reed

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Mr Adrian Rixon

Ms Laura Roach

Prof Frank Sengpiel

Prof Manuel Souto-Otero

Dr Steven Stanley

Dr Richard Stanton

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Dr Gareth Thomas

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Dr Ross Vanderwert

Prof Mike Wallace

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Dr Martin Weinel

Prof Keith Whitfield

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Dr Andy Williams

Prof Matthew Williams

Mrs Keren Williamson

Dr Woon Wong

Dr Fiona Wood

Prof Alison Wray

Prof Marianne van den Bree

Dr Job van der Schalk

Dr Elisabeth von dem Hagen


Cranfield University

Ms Shannon Searle


Durham University

Dr Ilan Baron

Dr Duncan Connors

Dr Stefano Cremonesi

Dr Dan Lawrence

Dr Siobhan McGrath

Prof Joe Painter

Dr Leslie Reinhorn

Dr Thomas Renstrom

Prof Riccardo Scarpa

Dr Sara Uckelman


Edinburgh Napier University

Dr Sally Brown


Goldsmiths, University of London

Dr Daisy Asquith

Ms Marian Carty

Prof Aeron Davis

Dr Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay

Prof Natalie Fenton

Prof Des Freedman

Prof Rosalyn George

Ms Mary Claire Halvorson

Dr Gholam Khiabany

Dr Theo Kindynis

Prof Caroline Knowles

Ms Linda Lewis

Dr Suhail Malik

Ms Chloe Nast

Mr Joe Newman

Prof Alan Pickering

Ms Maggie Pitfield

Dr Elizabeth Reed

Mr Gary Riley-Jones

Prof Marsha Rosengarten

Prof Evelyn Ruppert

Dr William Viney


Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht

Dr Paul Bowyer


Heriot-Watt University

Sarah Joss

Dr James Richards


Imperial College London

Prof Martin Buck

Dr Ben Calderhead

Prof Margaret Chambers

Dr David Clements

Prof Anne Dell

Prof Fay Dowker

Dr Andrew Edwards

Dr Valerie Good

Dr Ruth Herd

Mr Stefan Hoyle

Prof Mark Isalan

Prof Paul Lickiss

Dr Colin McClure

Prof Jonathan Mestel

Dr Robert Nurnberg

Ms Janette Shiel

Mr Roddy Slorach


Institute of Development Studies

Dr Philip Mader

Dr Gauthier Marchais

Dr Alex Shankland


Keele University

Dr Ben Anderson

Ms Robin Bell

Dr Rebecca Bowler

Prof Matthew Brannan

Dr Rachel Bright

Dr Joseph Brooks

Mr Michael Brough

Dr Philip Catney

Dr Jon Cope

Mrs Julie Douglas

Prof Rajmil Fischman

Dr Peter Fletcher

Miss Dianne Foulkes

Dr Yossi Nehushtan

Dr Alexandre Nobajas

Dr Jane Parish

Dr Mario Prost

Dr Rebecca Richards

Dr A Rutherford

Dr Shalini Sharma

Dr Shiva Sikdar

Dr Richard Stephens

Hitomi Tobe

Dr Sorcha Ui Chonnachtaigh

Dr Bernard Zarychta


King’s College London

Ms Francesca Allfrey

Prof Chris Berry

Dr Clare Birchall

Dr Andrew Brooks

Mrs Joan Bryan

Dr Ferdinand Eibl

Dr Jane Elliott

Prof Ziad Elmarsafy

Prof Paul Gilroy

Dr Andy Grant

Dr Ye Liu

Dr Anna Maerker

Dr Stan Papoulias

Dr Michelle Pentecost

Dr Rebecca Saunders

Prof David Treece

Prof David Edgerton


Lancaster University

Mr Sunil Banga

Dr Richard Budd

Mr Iain Fothergill

Dr Julie Hearn

Prof Andrey Lazarev

Dr Nils Markusson

Dr Hannah Morgan

Prof Maggie Mort

Dr Jacob Phelps

Prof Bev Skeggs

Prof Imogen Tyler


London School of Economics and Political Science

Dr Luna Glucksberg

Mr Neil Stewart


London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Prof Clare Chandler

Dr Ben Cislaghi

Dr Natasha Howard

Dr Eleanor Hutchinson

Dr Shelley Lees

Dr Matthew Quaife


Loughborough University

Dr Nick Freeman

Dr Thomas Swann

Dr Clive Trusson


Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr James Pritchett


NHS Health Scotland

Dr Jon Minton


Newcastle University

Mr Phillip Archer

Dr Jaume Bacardit

Dr Bruce Baker

Mr Robin Booth

Dr Clare Butler

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Mr Dave Churchley

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Dr Simon Whitehall



Dr Conor Cradden

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Open University

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Dr Elton Barker

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Prof Steven Brown

Dr Gill Clough

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Mr Tim Parry

Mr Kevin Pascoe

Mr John Peters

Dr Anita Pilgrim

Mr Kit Power

Mr Jeremy Roebuck

Dr Chris A. Williams

Dr Caroline Clarke


Oxford University

Prof Jocelyn Alexander

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Dr Rory Bowden

Prof Julia Bray

Prof Richard Caplan

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Dr Inge Daniels

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Mx Alexander Dutton

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Prof Fabian Essler

Dr Josh Firth

Prof Barbara Harriss-White

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Queen Mary University of London

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Prof Colin Price


Richmond, the American Int University in London

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