Mid-March 2019: What Brexit now told us about the British


Mid-March 2019: What Brexit now told us about the British

What on earth will happen now? Will some people never learn about the British past, the nature of its empire, its decline, and how all this is linked to Brexit?

On March 11th 2019 Danny Dorling gave the annual Guernsey Oxford Lecture in St James Concert and Assembly Hall, College Street, Guernsey.

A recording is below.

The lecture begins with the background to the vote and with a discussion of what we still not fully understand:.

Following the referendum in 2016 there was much quick speculation about which groups in society contributed to the leave campaign’s win. Much early comment missed the true picture. But it is also more interesting to ask what factors led to the outcome of the referendum and what these tell us about the changing state of Britain over the last few decades.

How has British society changed; for example in relation to inequality, health outcomes, housing and educational opportunities; how do these changes compare with other countries? What do they tell us about the current state of Britain and how the British people could adapt to their future post Brexit, whatever that brings?

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[Danny Dorling is the Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography at the University of Oxford and a fellow of St Peter’s College. He grew up in Oxford and after going to university in Newcastle upon Tyne he has held posts in various universities in the UK and overseas before taking up his current post in 2013.]