Two weeks to go to Brexit?

Two weeks to go to Brexit?

There may be a silver lining. Brexit is a much larger national disaster than the 1956 Suez crisis, and more embarrassing.

But just as Suez was partly responsible for why we made so much social progress in Britain in the 1960s so, too, Brexit may galvanise the young to reject an old elite that made such bad decisions.

A public talk by Danny Dorling given on the Cornwall/Devon border on March 16th 2019. Both Cornwall and Devon, like most other counties in the South of England, were strong supporters of Brexit:

Although a fractionally higher proportion of people voted to Leave, out of all those who voted in the areas contrasted with Cornwall and Devon in the two maps below, in both cases a higher overall turnout in Cornwall and Devon meant that the two southern countries provided more Leave voters to the Leave total. This was despite their electorates being smaller than the comparator “anti” areas. This same exercise can be carried out for every single county in the South of England, always using different comparator areas of the rest of the UK, until every single area outside of the South of England has been included. It was a majority Southern English vote out. The large majority of older people in the UK live in the South of England. [Note: “of” below in brackets gives the total size of the electorate that the leave vote was a proportion of. The percentage are only of all those who voted, and hence ignore turnout]

Cornwall in the 2016 EU referendum and “anti-Cornwall”

Devon in the 2016 EU referendum and “anti-Devon”

For more details of these issues, see the 2019 book this talk was based on: Rule Britannia